EVEolution Women's Retreat

Putting The Bite Back In The Apple
What makes our EVE Retreat different from other retreats?
Most retreats are designed to help you get “away from” your normal, stressful life. EVEolution is designed to support you in taking full ownership of your life. You will learn tools for transforming anything in your life that is less than your highest choice into what fulfills the deepest desires of your heart. Past participants have said, “EVEolution is less like a retreat from my old life, and more like a boot camp for my new one."

Like in all our other retreats, you will be introduced to our system of consciousness tools. These include: Pure Speech; Body Language; My Enlightened Life coaching; Enlightened Iridology Readings; Decrees; the Feeling Scale; Imagination Mapping; and Body Electronics. During our nine-day immersive retreat together, you will have opportunities to experience and practice each tool, as well as take home practice exercises to support you for continued self-coaching.

In addition, in community with other women, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics unique to the feminine collective. Many “limiting beliefs” in consciousness have kept generations of women from remembering their full value and self-love. As a woman, do any of these messages sound familiar? “Be a good girl.” “Nurture others.” “Put yourself last.” Discover how women as a collective have taken on shame, guilt, fear, and internalized misogyny. Find out if you have your feminine identity and worth wired to body type or external beauty standards. At the highest level, can you imagine how “sacred” feminine expresses through you?

As you learn to touch and transform feeling energy, you will retrieve gold. Our greatest weaknesses become our greatest strengths. As you learn what you told yourself about “being a woman” growing up, and explore your lineage, you will restore power for new choice. All of our life experiences have instruction for us. Once we are aware of subconscious, limiting patterns, we have the power to shift
them into something glorious.
At EVE, Discover How To:
• Find true peace and inner security
• Reclaim your full measure of value, wisdom and power.
• Remember your Greater Mission in life and learn to shift your greatest weaknesses to your greatest strengths.
• See perfection in yourself and others.
• Move forward with ease.
• Be loved, honored, and respected in all your 
partnerships and relationships.
• Have your genius, voice and creative 
expression honored.
• Be fully the woman you were born to be.

"I am a retired CEO/Owner of a large corporation. Throughout my career, I focused on working out and eating healthy every day, never touching my emotions. Faith in Wellness has taught me how to touch and feel my emotions. This is where the miracles happen!!!! I am a repeat customer, 3 times my first year and going more this year! These retreats (and 1 Facilitator Training) have created miracles in my life, highly recommend!"

- Jennifer

Our most popular way to experience 
Body Electronics in an immersive retreat with other women.
Our most popular way to experience 
Body Electronics in an immersive retreat with other women.
Creative Play
Conscious Transformation
What you will receive at EVEolution
Individual and group Body Electronics sessions

1:1 Coaching during our event

1-2 Restorative sessions per day

Practice with consciousness tools including:
Enlightened Iridology reading
Body Language awareness
Pure Speech awareness
Deep Feeling Scale
Use of Decrees
Imagination Mapping

All materials included (Manual; Creative arts activities) 

*Lodging Included

* 3 complementary, lovingly catered, healthy meals per day. 
      All our meals are sponsored by donators in our           
                community who support our mission.

Retreat Location
Faith in Wellness Retreat Center 
14182 Cochran Rd Waller, TX 77484
Learn more about our farm here

We host events all over the world! 
Our retreats begin at $3,500 
(price may vary depending on the location/venue)
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5:00 pm – Dinner (optional)
6:30 pm – Welcome and Introductory Session
Typically, all subsequent retreat days follow this schedule:
7:00 am – Rise and Shine (Optional: tea)

7:30 am – Restorative/MFR
8:30 am – Breakfast

9:30 am – Classroom (Tools; Classes; Exercises; Coaching)
12:00 pm – Lunch 

1:00 pm – Body Electronics Session

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:00 pm – Classroom/Creative Arts
8:30 pm – Restorative 

Retreat ends at 12:00PM
(optional lunch following end of retreat)
Pre-retreat Instructions
We request you start taking minerals as soon as you can
to ensure you increase the electrical potential in your body to play 
at your highest level! 

General Nutrition
We request you minimize or cut out altogether alcohol, dairy, processed sugar, caffeine and smoking for the three weeks prior to our retreat- to ensure your body, mind, and spirit can move upscale with ease!

What to bring:
Bring yoga clothes, comfortable clothes for cool weather, 
comfortable walking shoes, toiletries. Also, bring colored pens, and a reusable water bottle.

*Optional items you may like to have with you: journal and/or favorite pillow.*
What NOT to bring:
Your own agenda or your own schedule. 
No alcohol or tobacco.

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Faith in Wellness Retreat Center
‭(281) 785-5445
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Our most popular way to experience
Body Electronics in an immersive retreat with other women.

Faith in Wellness

We have one goal: To help you be the glorious being of light that you were meant to be
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