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Eye readings with consciousness


Do you know what’s acting in your life?

Do you know why you make the choices you do?
Choose the partners you are with?

The answers are found in your eyes and in the agreements you made with your universe, many times from a very young age, in patterns we repeat again and again.

Let’s find your true path to fulfilling your heart’s desire.


Our eyes are far more than a window to our souls. Our eyes contain within, a map of who we really are, who we are meant to be in this lifetime, what we are really here to do and the glorious being that we are.

Our eyes reflect the genetic makeup of your parents. As a fetus forms, a spinal cord with the main nerves in our body grows and expands into the first part of our brain to form, Our Eyes. Our Iris, the colorful center of our eyes, reflects what we are experiencing in the various organs and parts of our body.

Understanding “Who We Are through Our Eyes” opens us to Enjoying our Heart’s Desires.


This eye chart shows just how much information is available to us to explore and interpret. The signals found within your own eyes will reveal your past and the path to your chosen future.

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Typically ann hour to 1.5 hours long, an eye reading session involves high-resolution photos taken with a special camera. By examining the photos, signals will reveal themselves through which we can explore deeper. You will learn what your physical body is revealing via the subconscious mind and how to view what's real in your emotional body.
You will come away with a renewed sense of your own relationship to self, loved ones, friends and work partners, past experiences and your TRUE calling in life.

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Greater Houston area Texas
Faith is the founder of the Faith In Wellness System, EVEolution Women’s Retreat and Atom and EVE Retreat. She offers certifications in Faith In Wellness System Facilitation and Enlightened Iridology™. Her 30 years in the Natural Foods business led to her creating Faith In Wellness Retreat Center where people experience a deep level of real transformation in their lives.
Her heart’s desire is to assist other facilitators and teachers to embody their consciousness tools for creating life-changing results with their students and groups.
Pricing: $395 for 1.5 hour session and a 1.5 hour follow-up session
Follow-up typically involves exploration of supplements to enhance your movement in consciousness, discussion of body-language and more


Denver and Boulder, Colorado
Alec is a certified Iridologist and Body Language Translation facilitator and is practicing and transforming lives in Boulder, CO
He is part of the Faith in Wellness network of life coaches and transformative retreats founded by Faith Bost.
You can find him hiking and riding the CO rockies living in adventure and consciousness when not coaching or reading eyes.
Pricing: $155 for 1.5 hour session and a 1 hour follow-up call

Faith in Wellness

We have one goal: To help you be the glorious being of light that you were meant to be
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