EVEolution Fall 2023

 EVEolution is an all women's retreat that integrates restorative yoga, Body Electronics, Life Coaching, Conscious Language, Imagination Mapping, Music, Dance/Movement and much more!
Women as a collective have taken on shame, guilt, fear, and internalized misogyny. With Retreats like EVEolution we learn how to touch all of our feelings. We dive deep into our ancestral and lineage patterns to learn what was taken on from our lineages DNA and what we told ourselves growing up.
All of our life experiences hold valuable data and accumulated energy that we can collect and learn from.
How Powerful it is to know that we can pick up our lineage patterns and flip them into something glorious?!
Join us for our 9 day retreat where you are giving yourself permission to receive, be nurtured and well cared for. Step into your Empowered State by saying YES to love serving you in your Greater Mission!


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Faith in Wellness

We have one goal: To help you be the glorious being of light that you were meant to be
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