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Facilitator Training  I - September 16 - 24 '21

  • Are You Ready for More?
  • Have You Felt a Strong Desire to Make another Significant Change in Your Life?
  • Are You Already Serving Others and Your Heart Is Calling for Something New?
Whether you are relatively new to our Faith in Wellness System or you have been practicing for a while, our Upcoming Facilitator Training offers the opportunity to acquire new skills and further hone your tools for either your personal journey or your higher choice of serving others. Having completed "ATOM & EVE" or "EVEolution" or equivalent prerequisite, you are invited to our Facilitator Level 1 training week.
Our Facilitator Level 1 training course provides a solid understanding of consciousness, language, and how our subconscious uses our body to signal our awareness. We will also provide a sound foundation of tools for improving your relationships with your friends, family or others. The intensive lasts 7 days, and will call forth your highest and best.  We will share the fundamentals, and maps, which help 'you lead you', or your clients, family and friends to the gold of their moment and breakthroughs to transform your and their lives.
Areas we will cover are:  
  • How To Facilitate:  Distinctions of Facilitation, Fundamentals of Facilitation, Session Architecture, and Creating Decrees & Movement.
  • Live Facilitation Practice: Multiple individual assessments of your facilitation skills to enhance your skill level.  These assessments occur within the training to ensure your confidence and preparedness. 
  • Awakening The Feeling Body: Direct Expression of Feelings, Moving from Co-Dependence to Sovereignty
  • Sovereign Communication: How to Communicate With Yourself and Others Effectively
  • Harnessing The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • A Strong Focus on Body Language Translation, and
  • On-Going Mentoring and Skill Enhancement with Our Community

Included are 2 group follow up calls to improve your facilitation skills.

Includes Food and Lodging.
Please be prepared to stay on-site for the duration of the training. We offer daily organic meals, yoga and a beautiful environment during your stay. Your focus and commitment are required in engaging your own personal upgrades and in remembering what is possible in facilitation. 
Date: Septemer 16-24
Deposit $300 - Full class $3,300


Faith in Wellness founder
Faith is the founder of the Faith In Wellness System, EVEolution Women’s Retreat and Atom & EVE Retreat. She offers certifications in Faith In Wellness System Facilitation and Enlightened Iridology™. Her 30 years in the Natural Foods business led to her creating Faith In Wellness Retreat Center where people experience a deep level of real transformation in their lives.
Her heart’s desire is to assist other facilitators and teachers to embody their consciousness tools for creating life-changing results with their students and groups.

Faith in Wellness

We have one goal: To help you be the glorious being of light that you were meant to be
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