EVEolution Women's Retreat Spring '23

Our EVEolution Women's Retreat is a nine-day immersive experience. Participants stay on site,  attending a daily program that integrates consciousness tools with a deep dive into the collective consciousness of women. Sharing lodging at the retreat center, participants enjoy organic meals, as well as a variety of other activities from music to dance, nature walks, restorative, MFR (myofascial release), integrated breath, creative projects, and more!
The feminine collective has taken on limiting beliefs that have kept generations of women from remembering their full value. A female collective consciousness of shame, guilt, fear, an internalized misogyny blocks many women from remembering full self-love. Through retreats like EVEolution we dive deep into our lineage patterns, and transform what we took on or may have told ourselves growing up into new choice.
As a women, when was the last time you set aside even one full day for "you" ( let alone 9)?
Your YES for EVEolution is your big YES for you. Give yourself permission to receive, be nurtured, step into your power, and explore your unique gifts. The women you were born to be is worth it!




Faith in Wellness

We have one goal: To help you be the glorious being of light that you were meant to be
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