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Feminine Forward - Moms and Daughters Body Electronics

June 3-10, 2022
As a woman and mother, have you felt “stuck” in repeating patterns of not having your power, your voice, or your value? These patterns often come down to us from our own mothers, through our lineage, or through our culture as “mass feminine consciousness”. Some of these patterns we may be aware of. Others we may be completely unconscious to, while they influence how we communicate with and relate to our daughters. 
As our daughters become young adult women, they often inherit whatever we did or didn’t get growing up.  We may see in our daughters the ways in which we haven’t yet been with ourselves as women! Young women may experience this as limitation, resentment, or lack of emotional support. Until we “wake up”, the cycle continues. 
Before Retreat
After Retreat
Consciously, mothers are doing the best they can. They are typically striving for the best for their children. Consciously or through behavior daughters are seeking their mother’s support as they discover who they are. When mothers and daughters bring awareness to these old, sabotaging patterns, we can make new choices for ourselves as the feminine and move forward in new, glorious mother/daughter relationships. 
In our Feminine Forward retreat you each will discover real communication, relaxed intimacy and empowered partnerships. You will replace your old ideas of the generation ‘gap’ with awareness of generational strength and genuine connection.  Come remember the JOY of playing together!
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