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About us

Who we are:

We are women who have divinely partnered in our mission of raising our world by waking up to who we truly are. We have very different stories and backgrounds, yet what brought us together is our full commitment to do whatever it takes to serve our world by sharing with others, the blessings that we have already received.

Our Why:

We share a common truth that “OUR GREATEST WEAKNESSES, SHALL BE OUR GREATEST STRENGTHS”. We have all shared the blessing of transcending our former weaknesses into our consciously sustained strengths.

Our Vision:

We share a new vision of women already empowered and consciously creating their highest choices for their lives.

Our Mission: 
We empower our women to remember their greatest strengths and facilitate them in claiming their clear outcomes to achieve their greatest mission in life.

Faith Bost

Founder and Lead Coach
Faith is the founder of the Faith In Wellness System, EVEolution Women’s Retreat and Atom and EVE Retreat. She offers certifications in Faith In Wellness System Facilitation and Enlightened Iridology™. Her 30 years in the Natural Foods business led to her creating Faith In Wellness Retreat Center where people experience a deep level of real transformation in their lives.

Honor Godin

Sacred Public Relations
Honor Godin is an educator, life coach, author, speaker and an expert on living masterfully. She is also a Mastery Systems Certified Life-Upgrade Coach™, Sacred Body Language Translator™ , certified Bio-Optic Holographer™ and certified Yoga Instructor, ERT 200hr , YACEP.

Honor is on the forefront of a spiritual evolution in which people integrate their hearts and minds and transform ther “greatest weaknesses into their greatest strengths”. She facilitates her clients with revolutionary technologies and time- tested, spiritual principals. She weaves her playful spirit with her valuable wisdom to make “enlightenment” fun and easy.

This dedicated mother, business owner, and yogi shares her stories and her wisdom with the same heart-felt sincerity and authenticity for which she lives her own life. Honor has a thriving coaching business and works regularly with corporate wellness programs, yoga teacher trainings, and universities. She offers personal coaching, family coaching, corporate coaching and relationship coaching. She travels to spas, wellness clinics and private retreat centers teaching people how to truly thrive in their lives. She mentors all of her clients in both conscious health and conscious nutrition.

Honor is committed to her own self- mastery and she truly lives that what she teaches. Her commitment shines the way for others to master their own lives and live in their enthusiasm.
At any given moment, Honor can be found living her dreams and creating new ones. She loves playing with her children, practicing yoga on the beach and creating healthy, gourmet dishes for her family. Honor believes that we are in the midst of an evolution, a spiritual awakening in which we all realize the truth of who we are.

Ann Bugh

Retreat Facilitator - Music Goddess
Ann Bugh has been playing with the system of conscious tools taught at Faith in Wellness since August of 2017. She has attended dozens of classes, retreats and weekend immersions, as well as completing facilitator training—and now facilitates events and retreats. 

Through labyrinth, music, collage, art and play activities, Ann supports participants in exploring deep feeling, expressing creatively, and remembering what lights them up. “What I love about this work,” she says, “is how it changes lives!”.

After decades of study in spirituality and self-growth, and successful careers in education and public service, Ann’s enjoying playing in music, magic and miracles. Come and play!

Faith in Wellness

We have one goal: To help you be the glorious being of light that you were meant to be
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